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Investment Strategy

Our concentrated portfolio of approximately 20 companies represents a selection of the world’s best businesses.

The foundation of our investment process is industry analysis, targeting industries with substantial and enduring barriers to entry. These industries are typically monopolies, duopolies, or oligopolies. We also seek out firms with highly valuable brands and pricing power.

The GCQ investment team employs quality checklists to pinpoint industries and companies that fulfil our criteria. We concentrate our efforts on about 20 industries, encompassing around 200 companies that we meticulously research and monitor for performance and valuation.

We prefer investing in companies with growth potential that extends beyond a single geographic market. The vast majority of companies we analyse are global operators experiencing worldwide growth. The sole exception is businesses with a local monopoly in a rapidly growing industry.

Our team has extensive experience successfully shorting companies with dubious accounting practices or structurally flawed business models. While this comprises a smaller portion of our investment strategy, we opportunistically short sell companies we anticipate will face significant share price declines. 


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